Our Scope

Apart from our routine course of activities to collect ETP solid waste from member tanneries as well as from CETP at UPSIDC SIte-II Unnao & CETP at UPSIDC Leather Technology Park Banthar Unnao , the company is also engaged in various R&D activities with the help of a Dutch Company to convert some selective wastes into value added materials.

The company is striving hard to convert waste fleshing of leather tanneries into oil and energy.

New component under scope:

The Company also developed a new component of CETP for 2.35 MLD capacity at about 12 km from SLF Banthar which is developed within the premises of CETP at UPSIDC Site-II Unnao which is also a GOI,MoEF assisted project which was developed in October 1995 as per scheme of MoEF,GOI under world bank assistance then which is very old and has lived its life but is yet under successful operation since October 1995.
This CETP is presently having only fully tight and occupied capacity of 2.15 MLD and is attached with 22 Industries out of which 10 are sick are 14 are operation which are exporting leather for a value of about 300 crores per annum from this cluster of Unnao situated at industrial area of UPSIDC at site-II.After the development of the new module of CETP under IIUS of DIPP,GOI which was inspected by the then Hon’ble Secretary, Industry,DIPP, Shri Saurabh Chandra, IAS on October 2013, the CETP Unnao has been technically upgraded, and is capable to achieve the prescribed standards of UPPCB, and thus the CETP Company( UTPCC) has been able to comply with the directions of U.P.Pollution Control Board.