Board of Directors of SPV & Objectives of the project

Administrative Block

Hazardous waste Testing Laboratory and Industries Meeting Place within Administrative Block

As decided in the Board meeting of Industrial Infrastructure Services (India) held on 8th August 2015 at CETP Complex, LTP, Banthar, Unnao, the new structure of Board Members is as under:
1. Padma Shri Irshad Mirza, Chairman, (Existing Director)

2. Mr. Tabrez Alam, Managing Director replacing Mr. Maqsood Alam.

3. Mr. Mohd. Raziuddin, Executive Director replacing Mr. Kamran Rahman.

4. Mr. Mukhtarul Amin, Director (Existing Director)

5. Mr. Rehan Ajmal, Director (Existing Director)

6. Mr. Veqarul Amin, Director replacing Mr. Iftikharul Amin

7. Mr. Itrat Ishtiaque, Director replacing Mr. Yusuf Ahmed

8. Mr. S.M.Shahid , Director

9. Mr. R.S. Singh, Director (Finance) (Existing Director)

Apart from this, Dr. Subhash Awasthi has resigned from the Board due to personal reason and being also occupied in other projects of Unnao based CETPs of tanning industries and been re-designated as Environmental Expert (not being a Board member).
Common Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility (CHWDF) under operation since October 2008 which was sanctioned under IIUS on 29th March 2005 at UPSIDC Leather Technology Park Banthar.

Unnao has got about 100 leather and allied industries situated at four industrial clusters of which about 50 are operational and others are under construction at different industrial clusters at Unnao. These industries generate so called hazardous solid waste from their ETPs/CETPs which are required to dispose into Secured Landfill Facility as per the current guidelines of CPCB as per Hazardous Waste (Handling & Management) Rules 1989 and their further amendments. The industries were being issued authorizations from State PCB for the temporary storage of this huge quantity waste inside the factories into RCC pits and such industries were being issued authorization under rule 5 for this. This was a hanging sword upon all these industries (SMEs) in the leather sector of Unnao in the absence of a Secured Landfill facility.

Main Objectives and Activities of the Project/SPV:

SPV was basically constituted taking all the industries concerned to it which were in operation at different clusters of Unnao to set-up a Common Hazardous waste Disposal facility also known globally as Secured Landfill Facility.New Module of CETP Unnao was also developed later on which is being operated & maintained by UTPCC being expert in the field of CETP management at Unnao as per MOU of SPV with UTPCC.