CHWDF Project

Hazardous Solid Waste being Dumped

View of hazardous solid waste being dumped at about 20 feet depth inside the cell No1 of CHWDF at Banthar, Unnao

Common Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility (CHWDF) is a solid waste disposal arrangement which is scientifically designed and constructed to finally dispose the hazardous solid waste which comes out during the course of industrial wastewater treatment. At CHWDF Banthar the facility has disposed off safely about 10,000 Tonnes of solid waste in the last about two years.


At CHWDF, SPV leather has taken adequate measures and has developed three underground cells using double liner system as per the guidelines of Central pollution Control Board, in which, clay liner HDPE sheets, geotextile, filter media and leachate collection system with a common sump has been developed to avoid any ground water contamination.

Life of the CHWDF Project:

Life of this project is calculated and predesigned as per CPCB guidelines based on volume of waste estimated to be received from the industrial waste water treatment plant and CETPs and land area/total volume available with the CHWDF cells developed/to be developed.

It is estimated according to available volume and average waste expected that this facility may serve the industry of Unnao for another 15 to 20 years without any problems.

Common Hazardous Waste Facility (CHWDF) has been set-up to safely dispose the solid wastes from the tanneries mainly the chrome bearing hazardous solid waste coming out from the waste water treatment plants of the leather and allied industries of Unnao including waste from two CETPs of Unnao.

Currently about 50 industries are being benefitted from this project including 2 CETPs since last more than two years. And about 30 more industries are under development at Banthar and other clusters of Unnao which eventually will be also benefitted from this project.

This project has saved all these industries from the closure under Hazardous waste (Handling & Management) Rules 1989 of Supreme Court of India being monitored by State Pollution Control Board.

Thus an export of about 2000 Croes /annum from Unnao based industries is sustained and

Direct employment to about 15000 people is sustained at the beneficiaries whose 75% belong to mainly weaker section of the society.