To make a matrix of beneficiaries of this project there would be an un-predictable chain of many who are indirectly surviving upon leather industries and are thus indirectly employed / beneficiary of the project. However, in totality there are about 15000 people who are directly employed in these tanning and allied industries and about 70% of them are from the weaker section of the society. During construction also at CHWDF we constantly employed hundreds of laborers and majority of them were from the weaker section BC/SC &ST from local areas. A tabled figure is given as under:

No. of beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries (member units of CHWDF) Minorities Minorities Minorities Total
Muslim Christian Sikhs SC ST Others
Leather and Allied Industries Approx 60 industries From Unnao clusters only NIL Contractors/labours Of Benefeciaries=2% 40% of 15000= 6000 20% of 15000= 3000 38% of 15000= 5700 15049 Permanent employed and many are indirectly linked in all parts of society.
We have assessed and found that about 1.0 lakh people of Unnao and Kanpur from all the sections of the society are surviving directly and indirectly upon leather industries concerned with our project under IIUS at Banthar Unnao.